Team Riders

Taylor Jense
Taylor Jensen
From California, two times ASP World Lnogboard Champion, famous for aggressive and innovative maneuvers and aerials, the leading man of longboard contest scene. Taylor is also recognized as an all-arounder who can handle anything well, from classic longboards to modern shortboards.
Joel Skinner
Joel Skinner
From Australia
Message:My name is Joel Skinner, I am 17yrs old.
I ride longboard, shortboards and anything else I can get my hands on!
My sponsors are: trump wetsuits, FireWire surfboards, shapers fins and sin eye wear.
I’m super excited for to meet you guys and for the upcoming photoshoot, thanks again for supporting me! Yeww
Reilly Stone
Reilly Stone
From California
Message:At 16-years old,
Reilly is fast becoming one of the most talented and fun to watch traditional long boarders in Northern California and beyond.
A successful independent studies student who surfs five or more hours most days,
Reilly is easily picked out of the crowd at his home break in Santa Cruz,
California for his ease and graceful agility on the waves.
He is also known for his friendliness and generosity in and out of the water
locally and traveling internationally as a life-style surfer.
Adam Milne
Adam Milne
Born in Australia and lives in Australia.
Surfer, Musician, a popular shaper lives in Gold Coast area. He spends busy days shaping surfboards for his brand “Milne Surfboard” and for the major company of the industry. His great personality gathers friends together regardless of age or sex.
Keith Kajioka
Keith Kajioka
Keith was born in Hawii, learned surfing and shaping surfboard there as the surf shop manager. He moved to South Taiwan. Now he is wave hunting without suffering from crowds. Shaping his own “REF SURFBORD”, and giving a great contribution to the development of surfing in Taiwan.
shohei akimoto
Shohei Akimoto
Born in Miyazaki and lives in Miyazaki
Top professional long border that represents Japan.
JPSA, participated in the WSL. California, also contests such as Australia played. All-rounder, which have a reputation for high-performance and classic riding.
Dai Wako
Dai Wako
From Kanagawa
A JPSA official recognition professional goes to Australia taking the junior high school graduation as an opportunity and displays the first-time victory in the year when I entered a professional by JPSA by Australia-trained powerful surfing.
I’m living a life by Australia and am entering the war on a contest of a local one at present.
Nava Young
Nava Young
Born in Australia and lives in Australia.
Message:I’m Nava Young, I love surfing, my family, traveling and playing music
Hiroka Yoshikawa
Born in Chiba and lives in Chiba.
2 consecutive years JPSA Longboard Ladies Grand Champion.
Higher evaluation in overseas riding feminine line , it will be a surfer to represent Japan in the future.
Miku Uemura
Lives in Makaha, Hawaii
In the JPSA women ‘s grand champion for the third consecutive year, retire from the tour with birth in 2014,
From 2017 again participated in JPSA.
Kenny Kaneko
lives in Hayama-machi
Race against overseas races from 2015. From the first year leave a good result in the games around the world