・No zipper
Neck flap entry system with belcro closure.
EX super strech is very easy to put it on and out.
Very small neck opening prevents water penetration.
EX super strech allows your shoulders move freely, and let you surf longer with no stress.
Thermal linning for COLD WATER SERIES Double neck flap(inner and outer flap) system with belcro closure.
Less water penetration through neck opening

・Back zipper.
YKK metal zipper is more durable than plastic zipper.
Slider locking system never gets loosen up during surfing.
Zipper is used for fish net and other marine sports. Salt water resist, and reliable.
Front zip is available for QUEEN(fullsuits, seagull, L/S spring, spring, longjohn) Jersey and Skin neoprene for COLD WATER SERIES has Fleece Thermal Lining.
Pull over Water barrier and fasten back zip. It prevents water penetration from the crevice between fasteners.
Double neck flap construction prevents water penetration through the neck opening.